Sunday, 26 April 2015

Makeup, Food and Drinks| My Kind of Night

Makeup done- CHECK! Outfit chosen- CHECK!
Let date night commence... 

Beautiful weather...For ducks


Food and a natter.. I love this combination of food. Olives are yum and so are rolls with oil and balsamic! If your not an olive person, they say to keep trying to eat them until you like them. It is true! Although I don't like the really salty ones- but these were so good!

Outfit of the night was kept casual, although its Spring here in the UK it is cold and wet right now. This was warm enough but didn't shout 'its still winter!' haha.

Afterwards we popped over to 'Maitai', a classy yet lively bar and had some drinks. I decided to have the Elderflower cosmo (Mmm so good) and Ash had the 'James Bond' drink- it was very strong! Not one for me to be honest. But was a lovely night non-the-less.

Hows your weekend been? 

Love C. xx

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