Thursday, 30 April 2015

Stress!| Simple ways to chill out

Ok. Stress. We all have it. Some in different ways than others. We are all individual people who find different ways to soothe the anxieties than come with stress.

I have a few tips and tricks for soothing both the mind and body when it comes to stress, I feel, at the moment for me this is quite important to take the time to do this because lets face it- we all need a bit of time to ourselves or even time to just at least be distracted.

1. Have a bath- if you don't like baths...(*shocked faced*) have a shower. Put some soft or easy to listen to music on, whether you like spa music, yoga music or even a bit of Ben Howard. Let the water wash your cares away for however long you'd like to be in there for and for me- closing my eyes is a major help for relaxing. They get dry and tired after a long day and so its quite nice to have them just closed, not asleep.. just closed.

2. Go for a walk- or exercise. This can either be for distraction or just time to think about things, not to panic and stress over them- but to think theoretically about things and see if you can put a plan in place to help you feel less stressed.

3. Watching movies or videos or even reading a book. Again this is distracting, you can easily loose yourself in a film or enticing book and even start to enjoy yourself a little bit at a time where you're feeling overwhelmed with stress. My preference is comedy films or I do love to watch a bit of Disney. When it comes to Disney films, I'm a little bit like Peter Pan and won't grow up!

4. Yoga or meditation. I've done Yoga before, again this is exercise but it is more stretching and releasing the build up of toxins in the mind and body. Meditation is amazing, if you really get into it and put your all into focussing the mind you feel so refreshed. I use an app on my phone and headphones to help block out any noise or distractions.

5. Going out with friends. Thats if they aren't the ones who are stressing you out of course! Having your friends around you to support and help you through these stressful times is sometimes just as good or better than your family.

6. Obviously healthy eating is something I try to do, however there comes a time when chocolate or just general naughty food needs to be had. Not loads! But enough to just satisfy the edge of the craving or whatever. Food that tastes good releases endorphins which is the happy hormone. One bar of chocolate won't hurt!

Hope you're feeling less stressed out and know you are not alone!

Love C. xx

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