Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Crossfit| 5 Months on (Update)

Hello everyone!
Oh my goodness I am so sorry this has been a long time coming. 
Sometimes life just gets busy. One minute you're trying to figure out where you can go on holiday (if you can afford it!) and what bikini to wear and the next you're trying to haul on a thick pair of tights and getting your cosy Parker out of the wardrobe. 

That's kinda how my life has been in the last few months- I'm basically trying to keep up! Very much like constantly being on a treadmill. TIREING. 
But even though I've felt like this, there has been one thing that has been fairly consistent in my life so far. That being Crossfit. 

I cannot tell you how much I'm enjoying it and for me, still being motivated after 5 months of starting is a major achievement. When I went to the gym or wanted to start running I kept saying to myself 'I'll go tomorrow' and never did. For some reason I've managed to keep going to Crossfit at least twice a week and at times 3. In all honesty though I'd like to go more! It's more that I don't finish work and then can't get there in time. (Sometimes it can take 40minutes to get to Crossfit in rush hour traffic). 
Can I just mention- 40minutes is actually quite far to go as well so the fact that I'm motivated to still go after work at least twice a week is still a pretty big deal to me. 

In regards to my body and strength I do think there have been some improvements. I am 100% more stronger than when I first started and have still a long way to go. I've notice I'm able to add more weight to the bar than before and perhaps can do more repetitions. 
My arms and stomach have become more toned although again this still has room for improvement. This will come in time- fitness is a journey and there is no way to rush through to the results. 
I still stick by what I've said in a previous blog and that is I would definitely recommend trying Crossfit. I know it seems intense and scary but it isn't as bad when you get into it and all the people I know who go there are super friendly and supportive. Baring in mind I didn't really know anyone who went before I started and had not done any weight lifting before - it was completely new. 
So anyway I thought this would be a nice update- I'll try and be more frequent with my posts. 
Thanks for stopping by! 

Love C xx
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