Sunday, 6 September 2015

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I've always been intrigued in cleanses. Whether they're worth the hype (what with them being super expensive) or whether its just worth trying to do it from home. I know I've tried to do it a few times on my own at home, but I've either got side tracked or didn't really know what ingredients to use.

So bit the bullet and am sharing my experience with you to maybe help you in your decision of whether to cleanse or not to cleanse.

I went on to the internet on Sunday evening and found this cleanse. I chose it as it was a more well know brand that wasn't too steep in pricing- I paid £52.50 with free shipping, it was meant to be £70 but I managed to find a discount code on the home page (perhaps for new cleansers?).

Monday I had an email asking me when I would like to start my cleanse- first day available was Thursday. This worked out well for me so I agreed and they confirmed it would arrive between 8.30am and 10.30am- it arrived Thursday morning at 09.50am.

I had to finish doing some errands so I didn't manage to have the first juice until 11am. This green juice did taste quite earthy and I was surprised as to how liquidy the drinks were. I thought there may be a bit of thickness to them like a tomato juice but no. Still though, as I have frequently drunk juices before, this was fine to drink.
As I was late and still feeling a little peckish I continued with the next juice and decided to have the shot to go with it. I'm not one to be afraid of how these juices taste, I'm quite easy when it comes to drinking juices, however the shot was absolutely foul! Honestly, I had to quickly drink the juice down afterwards because I was struggling to keep it down!
Once I had gotten over the shot, the juice itself was actually quite nice. Very easy drinking and pleasant- I could taste the orange which was comforting after a very strong taste of ginger from the shot.

I popped out to the shops and arrived back hungry- juice number three. Another green one. This one tasted a bit more refreshing than the first and was again easy to drink. This was about 14.00pm.

I had noticed that by obviously drinking more during the day I was making more frequent trips to the loo but I guess this help flush out toxins too!

I was looking forward to this one- 'Spicy Lemonade' sounds enticing to me. I really enjoyed this, this reminded me of a lemonade I had before- so easy to drink and honestly I could easily have this on a daily basis.  I would say that this could have been more spicy as I didn't really notice it at all, however I do tolerate spice very well. I had this one at about 15.50pm.

I had this drink just before going to my Crossfit session at around 18.00pm. This was yummy, tasted mostly of the pineapple with hints of the carrot and beets. I was feeling actually quite fresh at this point, not really hungry just, sort of satisfied.

The Cashew milk I had straight after Crossfit when I got home, around 20.30pm. I did really like this one, it was slightly thicker, and sweeter in taste. I did notice it was a little bitty (as you may see from the side of the bottle) but overall enjoyable.

At the end of the day I was feeling quite refreshed and energised, which is great seeing as I'm normally very into my food and I did do a workout as well. I knew I hadn't eaten but I wasn't having hunger pangs or feeling like I'd particularly missed out.

I would recommend doing this on a day where you won't be tempted by food- i.e going out with friends for food etc. I personally wouldn't do this for more than one day as I felt that one day was enough and would suggest that if you haven't done a cleanse before try one day first.
Overall I would do this again, however not on a regular basis- only when I feel I need a deep cleanse after not eating well (christmas/ birthdays/ holidays etc). I do think that just generally eating healthy and well will help wellbeing anyway, which is what I mostly do.

What are your thoughts on cleanses and will you be doing one?

Love C. xx

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