Thursday, 19 March 2015

Current Favourite Store| Oasis

I am absolutely loving Oasis fashion at the moment! They are killing it!

I've never really been into Oasis before, but recently I've stumbled onto their website and discovered their range and I am definitely impressed!

I chose a few of the items on their website to show you what sort of things I'm on about. There are many more that I like too. These looks are classic and easy to put on. I love the fact that these pieces are lightweight but could be layered with either jackets or blazers.
With the Sleeveless Drape Cardi, you could pop a long sleeve top underneath or wear it with shorts which I think would look super cute and I find it an exciting piece that could be worn lots of different ways.
I find these so suitable for Spring because you can add a bit of colour with the amazing range of prints or accessories that are available.

Also, I am super excited for the 'Loved by Mollie' range which is coming out soon! I love her style and am keen to see what sort of pieces she is loving.

Lets just say I'm excited for payday. I may have to add a few of these to my wardrobe as 'must -have staples'...

What's your favourite shop at the moment? Anything you're dying to get your hands on?

Love C. xx

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