Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Perfect Nudes| Essie Nails

I have a love/hate relationship with painting my nails.

I HATE having to actually paint them and then wait for them to dry, I have better things to do and always end up smudging them or chipping them.

I LOVE having them painted a nice colour and find that when they're painted, they're stronger and healthier.


However, I recently caught sight of these Essie nail varnishes in Boots and was reminded of seeing my sisters nails a few months ago. She had the 'Spin the bottle' colour on and it looked so classy.
I decided to pick them up because I was hoping that maybe these were going to better than the other nail polishes I had.
These two came together as a gift set (to myself obvs!) and was around £12.99 I think.

Definitely worth it!

Honestly, I painted my nails in about 2minutes.
The applicator is so easy to use; you can get the product onto your nail in one to two strokes without causing stripes.
The polish drys within about 20 to 30 seconds which is great for me because I get bored, sidetracked and to be honest I get frustrated with waiting haha! These are definitely polishes I would buy again and again as they don't go out of style, they are a classic.

'Ballet slippers' is a very subtle, yet cute.. well.. ballet shoe pink colour that gives your nails a healthy pink glow.

'Spin the Bottle' is the perfect nude colour, I have honestly been looking for this colour for so long. It is, again, subtle but gives enough colour too. I really love this one and is my favourite of the two.

If you like your nude colours or need a nail polish that can keep up with you and your busy lifestyle, or like me you get bored easy, then I really recommend giving these a try.

Hope you had a beautiful weekend.

Love C. xx

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Summer pick-ups| Mini Primark Haul

Hey you!
Hope you are okay?

Just wanted to let you know of the cute things you can pick up in Primark at the moment if you are off on your holidays soon!

I Love these bits! My favourite is the palm tree style bikini, because it reminds me of a mojito! haha

Both these bikini's are the same style, you can wear both with or without the halter neck strap which is great for when you're going for different looks and activities of course. The other great thing about these is you can potentially mix and match the top and bottoms as they go really well together.

To be honest I was quite skeptical of the shorts because A) I don't feel like shorts suit me a lot of the time as they are never quite the right length; forever feeling like I have no thighs or my butt cheek hangs out the bottom. B) They are colour.. Okay they aren't pink (which you can get, as well as other colours) but they are colour and to me, this is a big deal! I really like the fit, length and style of the shorts.. they just work.

The necklace is simple yet different which is what I love about it. The gold wrapped in white and blue string make it easy to pair with most outfits.

Okay I know I said the mojito bikini was my favourite but the shoes come in a close second! They are honestly so comfy! and they are really pretty too. I haven't owned a pair like these before, they really flatter my feet and I have quite wide unflattering feet.. so really that is a major bonus! haha.
What is even better is that this is Primark, so it is hardly going to break the bank!

Hope you enjoyed this mini haul and I'll speak soon!

Love C. xx

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer Ice Lolly| Healthy way to keep cool


I've been really enjoying the weather we've been having in the UK recently, it's been absolutely gorgeous with longer, sunnier days. However when you're at home and trying to keep cool the thing that I know I'm always craving is an ice lolly! Now, personally I try to be healthy most of the time and will try and take the healthier option over the unhealthy option. To be honest though when I'm at home I rarely have shop bought ice cream or ice lollies. That's when I crave them!

So a month or so ago I was strolling through TK Maxx and saw a ice lolly mould, picked it up and thought I could make a variety of different lollies and potentially even make a cheeky alcoholic one for cheat days or for when I have friends over. So.. This this is an idea that I thought would be great to share with you guys and I hope you enjoy this recipe!


Ice Lolly Moulds
200g Melon and Grapes (more or less if you like)
200mls Coconut Water
2 Table Spoons Honey (for a sweeter taste)


I found that I had a small amount left over so if you have more moulds you can probably fill another one more, butI ended up drinking mine! Whoops!

So once you have weighed and measured out what you need, pop them in a blender all together and blend. Check the consistency and taste if you want to to add more fruit/coconut water/honey otherwise pour them into the moulds and place them in the freezer. To add a bit of fun to the lollies I added a couple grapes into the moulds, which turned out the be a great idea, I love frozen grapes!

Mine took more than a couple of hours to freeze so I ended up having them the next day- I would recommend doing this especially if you are putting a bit of alcohol in!

Hope this inspires you a bit this summer, this is so easy to mix up with different fruits so you can have endless fun making different flavours. :)
These were so refreshing and really tasty!

Love C. xx

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A little close for comfort in this pic but hey! haha