Sunday, 15 March 2015

Being a Big Kid| Why it is good to be childish sometimes

Sometimes I look back at the things I used to do as a kid and think 'oh my gosh, that would be so fun to be able to do still'. Obviously as we grow older, we have to grow up in our behaviour too, or so society thinks we should. At times life can get a bit stressful and we just want to take a step back from the moment and do things that make us, chill out, relax, or even be a bit silly. Obviously there is a time and a place for these sorts of things, of course you can't be at work and say 'hey guys, look at me!' and do a cartwheel down the hallway. Well.. you could if your job was a gymnast or something, but generally it's a no no!

Sometimes I think about how fun it would be to have an adult version of soft play. How cool would that be?! Please tell me I'm not the only one? I would definitely pay to be able to play on bouncy steps and run through some rolling pins, then crawl through a tunnel and slide down a massive slide that turns out that you come out of a snakes mouth! I'm sorry but that's just the way I feel. It's the big kid inside of me that makes me want to go and play on something like that.

Who else still goes on the swing when the park is empty? Sometimes I feel like I can't or shouldn't (obviously I don't go into the playground if theres a sign that says 'under 8 years only' or whatever) but sometimes when there is no one around, yes, I do just go in for a swing or to have a go on some apparatus- okay it's been a while but I think its good to do it sometimes. Again, when the timings right. You don't want to be hogging the swing with a 5 year old waiting in the wings behind you! Thats just mean.

Life can get stressful, jobs can get stressful, especially with certain jobs that are so serious all the time. It can become a bit of a burden. These childish things are a way of relaxing and feeling there is not a care in the world for a few minutes at least. Colouring in can be relaxing, Ash and I did this at Nandos a month or so ago. We found it so funny that we were doing it but it was really nice and fun. Another thing that I'm sure a lot of people do but sometimes won't admit, is dancing in your room on your own. The other day, I thought of a year a few years ago with great memories and times where I felt happy, with little care or just generally a time that was good for me. I went onto Spotify and typed in, for example '2008 hits' and clicked on the playlist option. The music reminded me of times where I felt free, a little silly and childish and also happy. I danced around the room for a good hour or so. It was so much fun and brightened my mood (also a great calorie burner!).

My point is, obviously chose your timing, but give in to your inner child and do things that make you happy, laugh and smile because life is too short to be an adult all the time!

Let me in on what you do to be a big kid!

Love C. xx

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