Sunday, 8 March 2015

Breakfast of the week| I can't get enough of..

Hello all!

I just wanted to let you know my favourite breakfast of the week that I'm absolutely in love with at the moment! 

I never used to like avocado, especially as a kid and would always refuse it. I just used to think it was slimy and bland and would always give it to my brother because he liked it. 

Now - I can't get enough! If I could, I'd probably have it with every meal. Avocado is actually a superfood that is a fruit! Yes, a fruit! It has so many health benefits such as having more potassium than a banana, high in good fat which is better for your heart than normal fats and is high in fibre and could help lower your cholesterol. There has been some research to support that avocados can help promote weight loss. 

In the mornings I've been loving a ripe avocado, mashed on top of toast with thinly sliced tomato and a pinch of salt. It is delicious! I would definitely recommend this as a breakfast idea, snack or even a lunch idea too!
 Perhaps if I find another meal amazing I can share some recipes or meal ideas with you!

Ps sorry about the poor quality photo!

Love C. Xx

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