Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas shoes| They Speak For Themselves

I honestly don't have to write too much about the shoes because let's face it they do speak for themselves! These are so beautiful, probably the most beautiful pair of shoes I own.
These pair of gold shoes are covered in small diamontes from the point of the toe to the tip of the heel. They sparkle in the day and night, and are brilliant as a statement piece.
The great thing about the shoes is that they are versatile in that you can wear them with jeans, skirts or dresses because of the style and the neutral tone. 

If you'd like to see a video of the shoes to see the sparkle head to my Instagram (@pureaccidentalbeauty). 
As you are probably wondering, these shoes are from next. I couldn't find the original shoes on the website though, so they may be sold out- I did find a similar pair in silver glitter though:

Merry Christmas!

Love Claudia,

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Long natural lashes| The Best Way

I have forever longed to have long lashes.  No matter what I did nothing worked, whether it be putting Vasoline on them overnight, or trying to curl them before putting on the mascara. And from that point of view, I have tried plenty of mascaras – high-end and drugstore brands, and yes I have found the better mascaras but my lashes were still pretty short and actually had gaps in them  from where hair was missing.

The last year is when I decided to try some of these lash enhancing serums and conditioners. I am not one to spend too much on these things as I'm always quite sceptical of the results, I don't want to end up spending hundreds of pounds on something that doesn't even work. I started looking on Amazon and looked for the well-known brand Revita lash. But from looking at the prices I was put off and didn't think that they would actually work, so settled for a copycat brand. This copy Brand claimed to do the exact same thing as the Revita lash. After a few months with using it, I gave up. I could not see any difference at all.
For a couple months after that I stopped looking after my lashes, and after being fed up again decided to get semipermanent lashes individually glued on by professionals. I booked in with a very nice salon to put the semipermanent lashes on for £65, and proceeded to tell me that infills would cost me £30 a go. When I opened my eyes after being sat there for an hour at least it immediately felt like there was something scratching my eye. Not that it was the fault of the girl who did it, it was just the way the eyelashes were on my eyes. It took me a good half an hour before I could get into my car and drive home -as I didn't feel safe until it was comfortable.
The next couple weeks I hated the fact that I could not rub my eyes when I was tired or rub my eyes when I had something in them. The thought of putting make up on my eyes was horrible because I knew I'd have to get it off and therefore risk pulling the false eyelashes which in turn pulled my own lashes and actually pulled them out. I was very careful with them but I still managed to lose a lot of eyelashes once the fake ones had come off. 
I had actually made it worse. And I wasn't willing to have the fake eyelashes again. So I decided as a last effort to make my eyelashes nice and long and full again, I would take the plunge and just get the Revita lash conditioning serum and while I was at it get the Revita brow too. 

I have been using it for around 2 to 3 weeks, and I have never seen my eyelashes this long, full and curly. And that is the honest truth! I was honestly so surprised, I did not think it would work this quickly or that other people would actually notice. I didn't tell the lady who does my eyebrows yet that almost the first thing she said to me was have I changed my eyebrow routine?

Revita lash and Revita brow is worth the money in my opinion and I will be purchasing it again. 

Love Claudia X
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Have a merry Christmas xxxx

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Lush lush lush

As you know, lush is my weakness! There is nothing better for me, than to come home and use a bath bomb and relax into some sweet smelling soapy suds. 

I just wanted to share my recent favourites with you- ones that really made a difference to the cold windy evenings we've been having!

I finally got round to using this bad boy the other day- frozen bath bomb. Okay it doesn't look like much but when you pop it in the water, the smell and fizz just fill me full of excitement. With little specks of subtle glitter and a beautiful blue colour you can't be too disappointed with this bad boy! Especially if you love frozen the movie!
I do personally prefer a bit more bubbles but you can always mix a bubble bar with this to create more bubbles/ coverage! Haha 

Obviously got too excited to remember I was meant to be photographing this! Haha
I'm missing one more little red berry? Don't know where that went!

You could easily be put off by how much glitter there is on this one, but having had one myself, and my boyfriend has used this too- nor myself or him has had ridiculous amounts of glitter on us! Which is good because I reassured him it would be fine (not actually knowing of course!)
This one is a bubble bar which means you can use it more than once- by just breaking a piece off and running it under the tap. 
Anyway, as you can see it isn't too much to look at in the bath, some people may be put off by the fact it's a green bath. I'm not usually put off by colours for baths as long as they smell nice and don't look horrendous! Lol
I was pleasantly surprised by this one and was very happy with the amount of bubbles!
Love Claudia 

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Lush Bath| Yog Nog

Yog Nog....

First of all this smells amazing to me. Really just relaxing and yummy- it smells quite sweet from the hints of toffee. If you aren't into sweet smelling things give this a smell before you purchase just in case!

I'm not usually a fan of yellow baths (it's not the most pretty) but I really enjoyed this one, mainly for my skin. That's because as I put this in the bath, little bath melts came out (which l think looked like little slices of cheese! Lol) but actually melted beautifully into the bath and soaked into my skin leaving it feeling super moisturised and smelling great. 
I also enjoyed the subtle shimmer it left on my skin (don't worry it wasn't in your face at all it was actually very nice!) haha. 

Spot the slices of cheese in my bath....

Overall I would give this a 7/10- mainly because the bath wasn't the best of colours and I prefer a bit more cover up in my baths (aka a bit more bubbles or something). 

I will however, be purchasing this again as I really enjoyed the scent and the moisturising benefits for my skin. 

love Claudia. Xx

More lush bombs to follow!

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Fireworks| Perfect Until..

This isn't a post I'd normally do but I thought it was something I can share you all on a more personal level rather than just always talking about beauty or style etc. Just like a conversation between two friends..
This was me on fireworks night, all snuggled in my big fluffy coat, makeup on (as I don't always get a chance to play with makeup due to work) and a plan to see the fireworks without going into town and trying to find somewhere to park and be constantly surrounded by people (it can get so busy!)
We (Ash and I) had the plan of watching the fireworks which were going to be on a boat at Poole quay, but instead of going to the front we went round the side, where some other docks were. 
We thought we'd make sausage sandwiches and bring snacks and coffee in a flask to sit and watch the fireworks on a blanket (to me this sounded an absolute delight!). 

So we packed up a cool bag with the food in and made our way down to the spot we had planned. There were barely anyone there which was great! So we sat down on the blanket with a great view and started our snacking!
We finished our food and cuddled up to keep warm. The boat was just about ready to start the fireworks. 
After about a minute of the display starting, I saw something move right by my feet. All I could see was this grey body and a tail. A rat! It had probably been there under a little crate the whole time but now it was running around near my feet. 
I can safely say both Ash and I jumped up and packed the rest of our food away quickly! So instead of being dazzled by amazing fireworks (which from what I could see were very beautiful) we were keeping a very close eye on our new friend that had joined us hiding under the crate! 

Well that's one way to ruin your fireworks night! 
Has anything like this happened to you before?
Hope you enjoyed this little chat!
Speak soon!
Love Claudia x

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Autumn Dress| Burnt Orange Shirt Dress

What's your favourite colour? Autumn. 

In all seriousness, I love all the neutral warm tones that Autumn brings. Theres something so comforting about it. Maybe that's to do with the fact that Christmas is coming (yes I said it!) and hot beverages and blankets replace the ice lollies and bikinis! 
So when I saw this dress I automatically fell in love with the colour before I'd even seen what the dress looked like. 

This dress just sits perfectly on my body and hangs to flatter my curves. 
I feel like this dress not only goes with boots (and a leather jacket to grunge the look up) but could be put with tights and dolly shoes with a nice tailored coat or blazer. It's just so versatile!
Both the dress and the boots were from newlook and I do feel that new look continue to up their game- really affordable yet quality stylish pieces! Which means a happy Claudia! Haha
Hope you're feeling well,
Love Claudia x
Ps sorry for the bad quality images I had to use my phone as no one was around to help take photos! 

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Crossfit| 5 Months on (Update)

Hello everyone!
Oh my goodness I am so sorry this has been a long time coming. 
Sometimes life just gets busy. One minute you're trying to figure out where you can go on holiday (if you can afford it!) and what bikini to wear and the next you're trying to haul on a thick pair of tights and getting your cosy Parker out of the wardrobe. 

That's kinda how my life has been in the last few months- I'm basically trying to keep up! Very much like constantly being on a treadmill. TIREING. 
But even though I've felt like this, there has been one thing that has been fairly consistent in my life so far. That being Crossfit. 

I cannot tell you how much I'm enjoying it and for me, still being motivated after 5 months of starting is a major achievement. When I went to the gym or wanted to start running I kept saying to myself 'I'll go tomorrow' and never did. For some reason I've managed to keep going to Crossfit at least twice a week and at times 3. In all honesty though I'd like to go more! It's more that I don't finish work and then can't get there in time. (Sometimes it can take 40minutes to get to Crossfit in rush hour traffic). 
Can I just mention- 40minutes is actually quite far to go as well so the fact that I'm motivated to still go after work at least twice a week is still a pretty big deal to me. 

In regards to my body and strength I do think there have been some improvements. I am 100% more stronger than when I first started and have still a long way to go. I've notice I'm able to add more weight to the bar than before and perhaps can do more repetitions. 
My arms and stomach have become more toned although again this still has room for improvement. This will come in time- fitness is a journey and there is no way to rush through to the results. 
I still stick by what I've said in a previous blog and that is I would definitely recommend trying Crossfit. I know it seems intense and scary but it isn't as bad when you get into it and all the people I know who go there are super friendly and supportive. Baring in mind I didn't really know anyone who went before I started and had not done any weight lifting before - it was completely new. 
So anyway I thought this would be a nice update- I'll try and be more frequent with my posts. 
Thanks for stopping by! 

Love C xx
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