Thursday, 30 April 2015

Stress!| Simple ways to chill out

Ok. Stress. We all have it. Some in different ways than others. We are all individual people who find different ways to soothe the anxieties than come with stress.

I have a few tips and tricks for soothing both the mind and body when it comes to stress, I feel, at the moment for me this is quite important to take the time to do this because lets face it- we all need a bit of time to ourselves or even time to just at least be distracted.

1. Have a bath- if you don't like baths...(*shocked faced*) have a shower. Put some soft or easy to listen to music on, whether you like spa music, yoga music or even a bit of Ben Howard. Let the water wash your cares away for however long you'd like to be in there for and for me- closing my eyes is a major help for relaxing. They get dry and tired after a long day and so its quite nice to have them just closed, not asleep.. just closed.

2. Go for a walk- or exercise. This can either be for distraction or just time to think about things, not to panic and stress over them- but to think theoretically about things and see if you can put a plan in place to help you feel less stressed.

3. Watching movies or videos or even reading a book. Again this is distracting, you can easily loose yourself in a film or enticing book and even start to enjoy yourself a little bit at a time where you're feeling overwhelmed with stress. My preference is comedy films or I do love to watch a bit of Disney. When it comes to Disney films, I'm a little bit like Peter Pan and won't grow up!

4. Yoga or meditation. I've done Yoga before, again this is exercise but it is more stretching and releasing the build up of toxins in the mind and body. Meditation is amazing, if you really get into it and put your all into focussing the mind you feel so refreshed. I use an app on my phone and headphones to help block out any noise or distractions.

5. Going out with friends. Thats if they aren't the ones who are stressing you out of course! Having your friends around you to support and help you through these stressful times is sometimes just as good or better than your family.

6. Obviously healthy eating is something I try to do, however there comes a time when chocolate or just general naughty food needs to be had. Not loads! But enough to just satisfy the edge of the craving or whatever. Food that tastes good releases endorphins which is the happy hormone. One bar of chocolate won't hurt!

Hope you're feeling less stressed out and know you are not alone!

Love C. xx

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Makeup, Food and Drinks| My Kind of Night

Makeup done- CHECK! Outfit chosen- CHECK!
Let date night commence... 

Beautiful weather...For ducks


Food and a natter.. I love this combination of food. Olives are yum and so are rolls with oil and balsamic! If your not an olive person, they say to keep trying to eat them until you like them. It is true! Although I don't like the really salty ones- but these were so good!

Outfit of the night was kept casual, although its Spring here in the UK it is cold and wet right now. This was warm enough but didn't shout 'its still winter!' haha.

Afterwards we popped over to 'Maitai', a classy yet lively bar and had some drinks. I decided to have the Elderflower cosmo (Mmm so good) and Ash had the 'James Bond' drink- it was very strong! Not one for me to be honest. But was a lovely night non-the-less.

Hows your weekend been? 

Love C. xx

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Banana Pancakes| Healthy way to start the day- QUICKLY!

Banana Pancakes!

Firstly these are pancakes! Sooooo yummy.
Secondly they have 2 ingredients! Sooooo easy.

These are so quick to make and are a super healthy alternative to normal pancakes and taste totally delicious!

I got this recipe from Blogilates but I honestly thought these were so good that I couldn't not share this with you guys!

All you need is:

2x eggs
1x banana

Blend these together..

In a pan on a medium heat pop in a dash of oil and pour the mixture in (either mini pancakes as above or slightly bigger).

Turn them over when golden brown and once cooked, stack with berries/banana/ honey/ syrup or whatever you'd like!

So easy, quick and yummy. Again this isn't my recipe but I think it is such an awesome dish!

Any awesome yet quick breakfast recipe's to share? Leave them down below, I'd love to try them!

Until next time my beauts!

Love C. xx

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Motivation Sunday| For the week ahead

Just a little blogpost for this evening.

One to help you keep positive for the week that lies ahead.

I think it is really important to remind yourself how strong the human mind and body is. The body will do what the mind tells it, you just have to believe how strong the mind is to help you get your goals.
Whether it is to improve your goals in exercise, or if you have an interview you're nervous about.. whatever it is, you, as a human being, as the person you are is more than able to get those goals. Sometimes it may take longer than you'd hope but never give up- those who persist will get their goals.

Quote for the week ahead:

The mind is everything. What you think, you become

Hope you have a beautiful week.

Love C. xx

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Eye moustache| HD Brows before and after

I am rubbish at looking after my eyebrows. The hair grows in all directions and in some places there isn't enough hair. I'm just too lazy half the time.

I've tried plucking, waxing and treading my brows which I've found great, but there has either been some hairs not removed or they're not actually shaped for my face- just..tidied.
Tidied is good but for me, I found my eyebrows to be particularly unshaped and to be honest, they were really doing anything for me. Last July I stumbled on an advert about HD brows and looked at this in more depth. They actually do 7 steps to the perfect brow.
I was interested to find out more so contacted a woman who did them. She was lovely and explained that the treatment consists of tinting, waxing, treading, plucking, trimming etc. They measure your face and ask how you'd like your eyebrows to look and also can put makeup on your brows to make them look fuller and more defined.

I have loved getting HD brows and have done it since. I don't think I would have them done any other way now! I still have a lot of progress to do (I have some areas that need growing and taming! (Blogpost to come about a hair regrowth product I've been trying)) but overall I love the look of my brows already.

Here is my before picture when I had them done today:

As you can see, I tend to leave my eyebrows in-between sessions apart from the middle.. mainly because I know if I start plucking I will ruin the progress I've made so far with them, which in my opinion is quite a lot of progress. So sometimes its worth walking around with a bit more hair on your face than you'd like! haha

This photo is after- so excuse the redness!

In these pictures below, I've popped a tiny bit of makeup on them to add more definition.

If you are unsure about what to do with your eyebrows I would really recommend trying HD brows. The only issue is finding the right beautician to do it. Luckily I've had two ladies (the first one moved) that have both been great!

Prices vary, depending on who does it but again- I feel that what is done for my eyebrows and the quality is great for the price I pay.
To find out more click here: HD Brow website

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope to see you soon!

Love C. xx

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Good Way to spend a Date| A Day out...

At times, as a couple who work full time, it can be stressful to try and organise a date night or day doing something together. But- when you do get the time, sometimes you can't think of what to do which is different to just going out for a meal, or perhaps want to do something else with your time together.

If you're anything like me, you love going out to eat and you also like to exercise when you can. Recently Ash and I had the same day off work (Yay!) and so wanted to do something together. Something that I've always wanted to get (but never got round to getting one, mainly because shoes or clothing items got in the way of buying one!) was to get a bicycle. Okay, not hugely exciting, but Ash had one for a while and we had both wanted to go cycling somewhere.. so it was time to look for a bike!

I managed to find a fairly cheap one, which was flat-packed so Ash had to put it together. Thank goodness he's good with bikes because in all honesty I wouldn't have a clue! Haha.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day so we cycled all the way to Sandbanks which is the longest I've ever cycled (about 2 hours there and back). For me, that was pretty far to go so I was proud of myself. We stopped off at a lovely Thai restaurant called 'Koh Noi' which does amazing tapas. It was so good! I would really recommend it!

So after a lovely meal, we had the issue of cycling home on a full stomach. I was really struggling, with the hills and the amount of food in my tummy. Ash was up ahead, loving life, wondering (probably) why I was so slow. To be honest I was wondering this too because I work out more than him and I'm not normally worn out so easy- so Ash asked if we wanted to swap bikes, to see if it made a difference..

The tables had turned, I was flying on ahead, Ash was struggling behind. As the gentleman he is he carried on cycling my bike till we got home. Turned out he had actually tightened my brakes too much so I was peddling against the brake all the way there and half way back! No wonder I was tired! haha!

So for the next time we do it, my journey will be a bit easier to say the least!
Apart from that incident, it was such a good day out and I really enjoyed spending time with Ash doing these things. I think if you are struggling for ideas, a bike ride is a good way to spend time together, especially if you like food and exercise!

What do you like to do for date night/day?

Love C. xx

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Kurt Geiger| Amazing Shoes

Hey all!

I am in love with my new shoes! They are beautiful!

Not only are these great for Spring/Summer, but as I have wide feet these cater for me too!

At times it can be a little struggle as buying gorgeous shoes that sometimes do not fit. Which is a shame but- such is life.. it is however, super exciting when I find a great pair of shoes that fit, but are really comfy as well!

Due to the tie up laces at the front (which I think are so cute) these shoes can fit slim and wider feet! The fabric is soft and the heel is only a mid height and is chunky which allows us girls to walk from the car to the restaurant/through town/ to a party without thinking the shoes are pinching! 

I really recommend these shoes, they will go with trousers, skirts, shorts and dresses! GREAT!

To see them on the website click HERE (they're in the SALE!!)

Love C. xx

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter| Mmm Chocolate!

I love Chocolate. I don't often have it, but Easter is a great excuse! Whether you were at church today or just lounging around I'm sure plenty of you have enjoyed at least a teeny bit of chocolate.

I just want to use this blog post as a little reminder, for those of you who may be trying to eat healthier or are on a diet, I think its safe to say- one day won't hurt!
However, it's about motivating yourself to get back on the horse, treat it as a reward and not take it for granted. I know it's hard but I always try and remind myself 'summer bodies are made in the winter'. They don't happen overnight (unfortunately), but you do have to live your life to the fullest because life is short! So if you want to enjoy a creme egg- go for it!

I hope you all had a wonderful day today, doing whatever you were doing!

P.s These aren't all mine! hehe

Love C. xx

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