Thursday, 23 April 2015

Banana Pancakes| Healthy way to start the day- QUICKLY!

Banana Pancakes!

Firstly these are pancakes! Sooooo yummy.
Secondly they have 2 ingredients! Sooooo easy.

These are so quick to make and are a super healthy alternative to normal pancakes and taste totally delicious!

I got this recipe from Blogilates but I honestly thought these were so good that I couldn't not share this with you guys!

All you need is:

2x eggs
1x banana

Blend these together..

In a pan on a medium heat pop in a dash of oil and pour the mixture in (either mini pancakes as above or slightly bigger).

Turn them over when golden brown and once cooked, stack with berries/banana/ honey/ syrup or whatever you'd like!

So easy, quick and yummy. Again this isn't my recipe but I think it is such an awesome dish!

Any awesome yet quick breakfast recipe's to share? Leave them down below, I'd love to try them!

Until next time my beauts!

Love C. xx

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