Sunday, 17 May 2015

Counting Macros| My Fitness pal

Sooo, on the subject of healthy living; I have been really trying to keep on track with what is actually going into my body. Not so much that everything needs to be healthy, more just of being aware of how much I am eating and what exactly is in each food I eat.

I have been really loving an app call 'My Fitness Pal'. You may have heard about this app before, I have previously used this app before a few years ago, but have recently rediscovered it. Although I previously used it for counting calories (which I still do), I also use it for counting 'macros'.

'What are you talking about Claudia'?.. 'What are these macros you speak of?'

These were honestly questions I was asking myself nearly two weeks ago. I had never heard of this and was slightly confused on the idea.

Macros are basically carbohydrates, protein and fats.

I honestly am throughly enjoying counting my macros and seeing how much fat, carbs and protein is actually in my diet and what I need to improve on. I found lots of information on 'if it fits your macros' about what it can do for me and what the whole idea of macros is.

I found out what my macros were by typing in my details to the If it fits your macros (IIFYM) website on the calculator and it tells you what you should aim for, for healthy weight loss/muscle growth (depending on what your aim is).

Honestly I have noticed differences already, although I will be honest I have been slacking with exercise recently! So especially when I increase my workouts, the results will be even better! (I will actually be joining cross fit soon- I did a free trial and loved it! Although I was in a lot of muscle pain for about four days as I hadn't used certain muscles before it was a great experience!).

If you feel like you are coming to a bit of a brick wall with your diet, maybe this is something for you to try?! I would definitely give it a go!

Find out more information on the linked website above as I did and see if it interest you!

Happy Sunday!!

Love C. xx

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