Thursday, 29 January 2015

Naked 3 palette dupe??| Review


Are you one of those people who wish they could afford some of the nicer products to try them out? Me too, I am always trying to find dupes for some of the higher costing products when I can't afford them.
Currently I am trying 'In the Nude' which is a dupe for the 'Naked 3' palette by Urban Decay. I purchased my 'In the Nude palette from Ebay but I'm sure there are other places you may be able to purchase this.

'In the Nude' ranges in price from £2.99-7.99 which is pretty decent. The 'Naked 3' palette however, is usually around £37.00.

As I haven't actually tried the Naked palette before, so it is difficult for me to assess the difference between the pigment concentration etc. However, I can tell you whether or not it is worth the money while you cannot afford the 'real deal'.

So as you can see the darker pigments are stronger than the lighter ones, but the lighter ones still have some nice shimmer and colour to them when you are looking for a neutral, minimum make-up look.
I do feel like I have created some nice looks with this palette, again, being very neutral (hence the name) but I have been able to create some great smokey eye looks too, using the darked colours in my crease.

In my honest opinion, I would recommend (if you want or can afford it) getting the original palette as from the reviews I've seen, they are well pigmented and have beautiful colours that are ever so slightly different to these. However, if, for example, you are like me and cannot afford the higher end products currently or just that you do not wish to spend that much on a palette then this is something I would recommend trying this product as it is so much cheaper.

Please let me know if you have any dupes of any products that you would recommend as I'd love to hear from you.

Love Claudia xxx

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Fitness| Yoga app

As you may or may not have seen recently, I have been really trying to get into fitness and keep motivated. More often than not, I seem to be working out from home- which has turned out to be great, and I seem to have stuck to this better than going to the gym 4 days a week.
Today I wanted to share with you an app that I have been loving recently, an app for Yoga. Yoga is meant to strengthen the body and mind, whilst also focussing on breathing and flexibility. There is even some evidence to suggest that Yoga can help with high blood pressure, heart disease, aches or problems with lower back pain and can even help with depression and stress.
I've been finding this app great as it not only talks you through the positions but you can even go through the catelogue of positions if you get stuck. From using this app for the past week and a half I can already see improvements in my flexibility and mental wellbeing.
I have found that as a new starter to Yoga this is perfect because they have beginners videos to follow, and then once you feel ready you can progress onto the more advanced videos. They also 
have expert videos for those of you who are more familiar with Yoga and would like more of a challenge. No only this but if you need to organise what class you want to do and when, there is a calendar to keep you on track with your class schedule. 

This app is for iPhones, iPads and iPad mini's only and costs around £2.99. However, I am never one to spend money on an app- this is the first time and I must admit it does seem worth it so far in my opinion. Mainly because I don't have to pay £5 a session to go to Yoga, I can do it when I want and where I want. Simple!

For those of you who haven't tried Yoga, it is hard but so worth doing. I would highly recommend trying it, even if it isn't with this app.

Let me know how you feel about Yoga and if you would consider this app?

Love Claudia xxx

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hand & Nail Care| Sakare

I don't look after my hands like I should. Its mostly because I don't have time or because I'm too lazy (guilty!).
But when I do feel like my hands need a bit of rehab I use this stuff. I actually found this whilst pottering about in London a few months ago and tried some of the products of this range. I decided on this kit as there was a very good deal on it at the time, but I also tried some of the body scrubs which are amazing! I have never felt my skin softer....
Back to this product though, it is very good and I was amazed at how shiny my nails where after using this. They come in different scents too so if you aren't into fruity scents you can choose something else.

In this Sakare Nail Set you get an nail file, nail buffer, indulging hand and body lotion and cuticle oil.

The Passion fruit scent is delightful and I would highly recommend trying this out. I always feel like I have been totally pampered after using this and my nails look so much healthier. An additional perk is that if you are wondering past their shop in London then you can swap your old nail buffer for a new one for FREE!

Has anyone else used these products? What are your thoughts?

Love Claudia xx

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fitness| Top tips to keeping motivated

Hey ya'll!

I hope you are well?

I wanted to keep this brief and let you in on some of my tips that I do to stay on a 'healthy' lifestyle routine, and how I keep motivated for working out. These are just my thoughts that I think help me keep motivated.

I must stress the importance of having a convenient place to workout. Finding a gym or outdoor space that is easy to access, for example being close to where you live or work, easy parking and or walking distance (or running if you're super motivated). Or alternatively, try and make space for you to workout at home, put any obstacles to one side and push the coffee table to the corner of the room and suddenly you have a workout space- yes, it may not be a large space but some workouts don't need space.

Working out, doing the same thing over and over can get boring, that is why sometimes you're thinking- 'why am I doing this?'
Do what you enjoy doing, if you don't like running, don't run! Simple! Do the things you find fun and you'll find working out ...well..sometimes you won't think it's a workout.
An example would be dancing. If you like dance- even if you think you're rubbish, I can safely say that doing dance in my lounge, following a Youtube video is so fun and when I finish I don't even realise I've worked out- It's great!

In addition to this you can grab a friend and experiment with Yoga or similar. I find that if you're working out with a friend, it can draw the attention away from the dreaded exercise and can make it just fun!
Excuse my big butt, but this was so fun (I've wanted to headstand for ages and now I can thanks to Carly)

Have a reward meal once a week, you don't have to be healthy all the time, especially when you've been working hard. Reward yourself and keep positive by creating a fitness environment. I like to go on Instagram for inspiration. On there I can find clips of routines to do and even motivational body pictures.

Lastly, try to ease yourself into it. It can be quite terrifying thinking 'I've got to workout at least 4 days this week', try and start off with two days and build a routine. Once you've got a routine going you can up it from there. If you fail to go one day or have a bad day of eating and feel bad, DELETE that guilt! We all give in to a bit of temptation here and there- just get back on the band wagon and think about what you've already done for a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have any fitness tips to share with me?

Love Claudia xx

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Beauty Box| Estee Lauder

I recently got this from my mother for Christmas, what a present!
Firstly, look at the packaging- how beautiful! I am nearly always influenced by the packaging of the product I'm using, there is just something about a amazing product that is wrapped up in a pretty casing.

This set contains a large make-up case, a lip gloss palette, nail polish, advanced night repair, Modern Muse perfume, mascara, revitalizing supreme anti-aging creme (because you can never start too soon), eye pencil, three lipsticks (16 Candy Shimmer, 61 Pink Parfait, 86 Tiger Eye), eye make- up remover and a eye shadow palette.

I love all the products from this set but I am totally and utterly in love with this eye palette. It just ticks all the boxes, it's neutral tones *tick!*, it has great pigment *tick!*, beautiful blendable colours *tick!*, it also has a handy large mirror *tick!* and well.. need I say more?!
I think this is a lovely gift set to give or get given and I'm so thankful my Mum got me this because it has been so handy and I have been able to create some wonderful make-up looks.

I know this is a tad late after Christmas but hey! Sometimes I can be a bit late to the party!

Hope you are all well and getting through the January 'blues'.

Love Claudia xx

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Spa Getaway| Macdonald Hotel and Resorts Lymington

My best friend and I had some major catching up to do and hadn't seen each other in 6 months, so we had the brilliant idea of going onto Wowcher and finding a deal to have a one night stay at a spa.
We found this one at Macdonald Hotel and Resorts which included one nights stay, a 30 minute treatment in the spa, use of the leisure facilities, a three course meal, free wifi and a full English breakfast in the morning.

There were several treatments to choose from, my friend chose the back, shoulder and neck massage and I chose to have the 'Sole delight grooming for feet'. Both were very enjoyable and relaxing treatments. Mine consisted of laying down on the bed (below) and having my feet and up to my knees, exfoliated, massaged, left in a mask, and massaged again. All the products used were Elemis products and it was so lovely. While my feet were in a mask for 5 minutes I had a scalp massage too.

My legs and feet were so soft and I started to feel so relaxed.
Afterwards we decided to have a bit of lunch and then have a little walk around the grounds.. it was so COLD!

For the rest of the day we went to the pool, had a nice swim and went in the steam room.
(I wasn't able to take my own photo of the pool, this is from their website)

The three course meal was delightful and I have to admit I think I had the best cheesecake ever, it was honeycomb and Oh MY... it was so good! There is a picture of it on my Instagram :) (Link below).

Our stay was really great and I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to have a girly weekend or a couples getaway. I'm looking forward to hopefully doing this again some time.

Love Claudia xx
(Disclaimer: this is not to show off or make me any better than anyone else, this is purely to share with you to enjoy).

Check out that cheese cake ;):

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Loving my natural skin| Bare-face confidence

Hey guys!

I want to share something with you, especially for those of you who are in the same boat as me..
The other day I was walking into 'Boots' and wanted to find a new face scrub. I've never been one to follow a strict skincare routine but I thought I would have a look about and see if there was anything that I hadn't tried before that took my fancy.
I found myself in front of the 'Origins' counter, picked out an fruity orange smelling face scrub cleanser (Smells delicious!) and headed to the lady who works in that section. I asked her about what sort of products would help my skin type, she suggested the scrub I had in my hand but also, was kind enough to give me a few samples to try out of some other products they had...

In the picture you can see from left to right four products that I received:
 Mega-Mushroom Advanced Skin Relief Face SerumMega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face MaskOrigins A Perfect World White Tea Skin GuardianOrigins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

I came home from this shopping trip excited and eager to try these products and for a good reason.
Having used these product for the last week they have honestly changed my skin complexion.

I have really struggled in the past with combination skin, an oily T-Zone, dry patches that collect the foundation on my face, redness and sensitive skin.
I have finally found something that just works for me!
I start off with the scrub, then if necessary the mask, then the serum and the skin guardian.
After reading a bit more in depth, having the mix of the Mega-Mushroom (which targets red and blotchy areas) and GinZing (exfoliating and radiance-boosting) targets my problem areas. The best thing is that all that is used in Origins is natural ingredients, which means natural products! No nasty chemicals on your skin!

I can genuinely say that, although I have only used this for a week, I have never felt more comfortable in my skin and will be going to purchase these products to have the full set. It is expensive but when you feel this comfortable bare-faced and finally happy with your skin I think it is totally worth it!
Have you found a miracle skincare routine? Or have you tried Origins?

Love Claudia xx

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