Thursday, 16 April 2015

Eye moustache| HD Brows before and after

I am rubbish at looking after my eyebrows. The hair grows in all directions and in some places there isn't enough hair. I'm just too lazy half the time.

I've tried plucking, waxing and treading my brows which I've found great, but there has either been some hairs not removed or they're not actually shaped for my face- just..tidied.
Tidied is good but for me, I found my eyebrows to be particularly unshaped and to be honest, they were really doing anything for me. Last July I stumbled on an advert about HD brows and looked at this in more depth. They actually do 7 steps to the perfect brow.
I was interested to find out more so contacted a woman who did them. She was lovely and explained that the treatment consists of tinting, waxing, treading, plucking, trimming etc. They measure your face and ask how you'd like your eyebrows to look and also can put makeup on your brows to make them look fuller and more defined.

I have loved getting HD brows and have done it since. I don't think I would have them done any other way now! I still have a lot of progress to do (I have some areas that need growing and taming! (Blogpost to come about a hair regrowth product I've been trying)) but overall I love the look of my brows already.

Here is my before picture when I had them done today:

As you can see, I tend to leave my eyebrows in-between sessions apart from the middle.. mainly because I know if I start plucking I will ruin the progress I've made so far with them, which in my opinion is quite a lot of progress. So sometimes its worth walking around with a bit more hair on your face than you'd like! haha

This photo is after- so excuse the redness!

In these pictures below, I've popped a tiny bit of makeup on them to add more definition.

If you are unsure about what to do with your eyebrows I would really recommend trying HD brows. The only issue is finding the right beautician to do it. Luckily I've had two ladies (the first one moved) that have both been great!

Prices vary, depending on who does it but again- I feel that what is done for my eyebrows and the quality is great for the price I pay.
To find out more click here: HD Brow website

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope to see you soon!

Love C. xx

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