Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to| What makeup brush does what?

When it comes to makeup brushes, it can seem a bit intimidating. There are so many shapes, sizes and densities that it may seem difficult to distinguish what brush does what?

For that sake of this blogpost I'm going to use one of my previous blog posts on the Zoeva Brushes to show you how and where I use the brushes on my face.

1.  Foundation
Recently I've been using the 'Silk Finish' brush as my foundation brush. I use a liquid foundation as I find powders and mousse's quite drying for my skin. I find that it blends the foundation out really well on my face without leaving brush strokes or wasting product. Other options for this are brushes like a 'stippling' brush or you could even use a 'beauty blender' which is basically a clever sponge but makes your makeup base look flawless- I'm eager to try one of these.

2. Concealer
I tend to apply liquid concealer and dab it in with my finger, especially under my eyes. However, when I do use a brush it tends to be the 'Concealer Buffer', again, in dabbing motions so as not to pull the under eye area or move the concealer away from the area that I'm trying to conceal.

3. Powder
Some girls may find that they do not need to powder they're face, especially if they are not susceptible to an oily T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin area). However for the girls that find after a few hours their nose gets oily, then powder if a must! I tend to use a large fluffy brush. The one from the Zoeva collection is lovely as is soft and fairly large. However, I do alternate between that one and one I got fairly cheaply off eBay which is a bit bigger and just as soft.

4. Bronzer
This is the same as the powder for me, as the large brush covers the areas of my face that the sun would naturally hit very quickly and effortlessly.

5. Contour
Now contour can be different, depending on what product I'm using. If I'm using a powder to contour then I tend to actually use my Eco tools 'mineral powder' brush from THIS set as it is flatter and can fit nicely into the hollow of my cheek. However, if I'm using a liquid or cream bronzer I will tend to use the 'Face Shape' and blend out with the foundation brush if necessary.

6. Blush
I'm only just starting to like blush, I was always afraid of it and to be honest I'm not sure why because there are so many beautiful blushes out there! I guess it was to do with precision and me being scared I was going to look ridiculous with big pink circular cheeks! At the moment I am using a powder blush and to apply it I use the 'Luxe Sheer Cheek' which is soft and angled. This brush is great because I can apply it lightly in the exact place I want it to be.

7. Eyebrows
Some Eyebrow products have the tint (colour) and brush in one, like the 'Gimme Brow' from Benefit. However, if you like to switch up what you use and like to wear powder then I highly recommend using either the 'Winged Liner' brush or the Mac '266'. My preference if the Mac brush as the bristles are more sturdy to apply to colour but the Zoeva brush can do the same job. To brush to hairs into shape you can use a spooly or even a brow setting gel like the one I use- Rimmel Brow Gel Clear

8. Eyes
In my opinion, you CANNOT use and blend eyeshadows without brushes. From my experience, the eyeshadows are not put on accurately and are smudged in places you don't what it and are not blended well.  I like to use the 'Soft Definer' to apply the main colour to my eyelid and then either blend it out or apply a slightly darker colour to the crease and blend with the 'Petite Crease'. These are both excellent brushes that I really enjoy using. If you're applying gel eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow to line the eyes I really like the 'Winged Liner' brush for this too as it is super soft to my eyes yet accurate in where you're placing the product.

If the Zoeva brushes are too expensive, especially if you're just trying brushes out- then I would definitely recommend buying cheaper versions (I quite like Eco tools) and use the Zoeva kit as a guide.

Love C. xx

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