Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hand & Nail Care| Sakare

I don't look after my hands like I should. Its mostly because I don't have time or because I'm too lazy (guilty!).
But when I do feel like my hands need a bit of rehab I use this stuff. I actually found this whilst pottering about in London a few months ago and tried some of the products of this range. I decided on this kit as there was a very good deal on it at the time, but I also tried some of the body scrubs which are amazing! I have never felt my skin softer....
Back to this product though, it is very good and I was amazed at how shiny my nails where after using this. They come in different scents too so if you aren't into fruity scents you can choose something else.

In this Sakare Nail Set you get an nail file, nail buffer, indulging hand and body lotion and cuticle oil.

The Passion fruit scent is delightful and I would highly recommend trying this out. I always feel like I have been totally pampered after using this and my nails look so much healthier. An additional perk is that if you are wondering past their shop in London then you can swap your old nail buffer for a new one for FREE!

Has anyone else used these products? What are your thoughts?

Love Claudia xx

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