Thursday, 8 January 2015

Loving my natural skin| Bare-face confidence

Hey guys!

I want to share something with you, especially for those of you who are in the same boat as me..
The other day I was walking into 'Boots' and wanted to find a new face scrub. I've never been one to follow a strict skincare routine but I thought I would have a look about and see if there was anything that I hadn't tried before that took my fancy.
I found myself in front of the 'Origins' counter, picked out an fruity orange smelling face scrub cleanser (Smells delicious!) and headed to the lady who works in that section. I asked her about what sort of products would help my skin type, she suggested the scrub I had in my hand but also, was kind enough to give me a few samples to try out of some other products they had...

In the picture you can see from left to right four products that I received:
 Mega-Mushroom Advanced Skin Relief Face SerumMega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face MaskOrigins A Perfect World White Tea Skin GuardianOrigins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

I came home from this shopping trip excited and eager to try these products and for a good reason.
Having used these product for the last week they have honestly changed my skin complexion.

I have really struggled in the past with combination skin, an oily T-Zone, dry patches that collect the foundation on my face, redness and sensitive skin.
I have finally found something that just works for me!
I start off with the scrub, then if necessary the mask, then the serum and the skin guardian.
After reading a bit more in depth, having the mix of the Mega-Mushroom (which targets red and blotchy areas) and GinZing (exfoliating and radiance-boosting) targets my problem areas. The best thing is that all that is used in Origins is natural ingredients, which means natural products! No nasty chemicals on your skin!

I can genuinely say that, although I have only used this for a week, I have never felt more comfortable in my skin and will be going to purchase these products to have the full set. It is expensive but when you feel this comfortable bare-faced and finally happy with your skin I think it is totally worth it!
Have you found a miracle skincare routine? Or have you tried Origins?

Love Claudia xx

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