Thursday, 5 March 2015

Current Favourites| What I have been loving

Hello Beauties!

I hope you are feeling well? I definitely think life is better because I can tell Spring is on it's way! I've noticed the sun has been up and there have been brighter days which is exciting thinking about Summer time.

Anyway, I thought I would share what I have been loving at the moment. I have accumulated these things over the last few months and they have grown on me so much that I thought I must share these with you and maybe these will turn into your favourites too?

So from left to right I have the Estee Lauder Lipstick in Pure Colour 86 Tiger Eye (you can see swatch below), iPhone 6 plus, Pukka peppermint & licorice tea, a headband from Primark, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, St. Tropez bronzing mousse, Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body wash and It's a 10 miracle leave in plus keratin.

The Estee Lauder Lipstick is amazing, when I first saw the colour I wasn't too sure about it. Mainly because I'm not usually one to choose a shimmer lipstick, but this is really gorgeous. It is a beige/gold mix with orange undertones and I love wearing it instead of the usual pink. I have to say it really does compliment my hair and eyes (blonde and green eyes) but I think it may look lovely on all hair types and skin tones. The texture of this lipstick is lovely and moisturising which is great because sometimes I find lipstick drying and clings to the dry patches on my lips.

The iPhone 6 plus is my new favourite thing, I previously had the iPhone 4s which was great at the time but was getting very old and was feeling sorry for itself. I love the size of this new phone, although I know a lot of people have been put off by the size. The definition of the camera and screen is so much nicer than my previous phone and allows me to watch Youtube videos at a great quality. Also, it comes with a really cool running app that plays music through your iTunes or spotify account and tells you how far you've run and your pace etc. I love it!

If you love to have a healthier option for hot drinks and have a bit of a sweet tooth then you need to try the Pukka tea! I don't even like licorice but this is delicious and actually quite magical. The first gulp is normal mint tea, then you swallow and there is a amazing sweet after-taste. Mmm!

The Primark headband is a cute statement piece that I love wearing when my hair is half up, half down and cover the band with bits of my pinned up hair. Its classy and pretty and spruces up a hair style that you've worn many times before.

My eyes get super sensitive when removing makeup and a lot of products can sting and make my eye area sore. The Garnier micellar water is so calming and hydrating yet actually removes makeup and dirt so easily. Not just eye makeup but face makeup too, it is just lovely and refreshing and I've found the bottle to last quite a long time.

Soap and Glory have always been a brand that I find quite enticing, the colours, the smells and the names of the products. This has been a favourite for quite a while (the Sugar Crush body wash), it smells fruity and fresh. The main scent is limey and zesty sweet which I love, especially in the morning. It's a great wake up scent that I personally think lasts for most of the day!

St. Tropez if a new-comer to my beauty essentials but I can see why there has been a rave about it. Especially this mousse.  I generally suck at putting on fake tan, and have normally been a fan of the Garnier spray tans as you just spray and let it dry. Super easy. But this is just so light weight, blendable and easy to build. I would really recommend giving this a try as it brings out a beautiful colour and is actually really quick to do.

I am always trying to find new ways to thicken my hair, make it more voluminous and to help it grow. I have tried tablets (which I do think help) and conditioning treatments to prevent split ends. This is something I used about 6 years ago that I totally forgot about. But I remember loving it so much and only recently remembered it by watching a Youtube video. I have literally only just started using it again but I feel like its working already and smells so good! I just feel like my hair is stronger and a bit more full of life, but I'm looking forward to seeing the full effects in a few months time.

So! Those are my favourite things currently. I hope you enjoyed this and have maybe found a bit of inspiration.

What are your current favourites that you cannot live without?

Love C. xx

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