Sunday, 4 January 2015

Juicer recipe| Kiwi and Orange

I love a good juice, don't you?

I try and make it with as least one vegetable and the great thing about juicers is that you don't have to peel the fruit or veg you use, apart from things like oranges as they can make the juice bitter. So it's super super quick and easy.

I'm going to show you one recipe that I've been having recently, and if you like I can show more in the future?! Let me know in the comments.

Here are the things you will need!


 2 Oranges, Handful of Kale, 2 Apples, A few bits of Broccoli, 2 Kiwis, Handful of Raspberries and 2 Celery Sticks.
 After Peeling the Orange, pop it all in!

and Juice!

The juice comes out in order of the fruit or veg you put through, hence the colours!
With this it means you'll need to give it a 'good ol' stir!
So it should look like this!

DON'T BE PUT OFF BY THE COLOUR BECAUSE IT TASTES AMAZING! Really yummy, as you can taste the fruit more than any of the veg.

I hope you enjoyed this and its inspired you in some way.

Love Claudia xx

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