Sunday, 16 November 2014

Wild Food Cafe | Review

 So, on Wednesday 12th November I found myself in London with my boyfriend Ashley, for our anniversary. Normally we'd find wherever looked fairly pleasant to go to eat and settle for that. However, for some reason we felt like being healthy and was drawn to a quirky little cafe called 'Wild Food Cafe' near Covent Garden which serve fresh raw ingredients, specialising in vegan and vegetarian nosh!

 Inside is a very laid-back and unique atmosphere where the eating area is open planned. This is so that you can see the kitchen while your meal being prepared, which personally I think is a nice touch. The tables are minimal and shared with other customers so you have to grab a seat when you can. Even so, it was nice to just sit down after strolling through the shops and getting to look out onto the quaint little street down below.

We ordered our drinks and both decided to have the 'Vibrant Green' juice. It came out looking gorgeous with the pretty flower petals on top, and my goodness it tasted gorgeous too! This juice had only nutritious fruit and veg in:
Apple, Celery, Cucumber, Spinach, Parsley, Lemon, Ginger. 

We ordered our food and it came out pretty quick. I had 'The Wild Burger' which consisted of a shiitake, raw olive and dulse burger in wholemeal wheatbread served with sweet potato wedges and a side salad. Ash had the 'Wild Falafel' organic pistachio, olive and coriander superfood falafel balls with hummus and baba-ganoush, spouted quinoa tabouleh, red pepper dressing and tahini sauce. As we both wanted to try each others we shared each dish.

The burger is a great alternative if you aren't a meat-eater or if, like me, you like to try out foods you haven't eaten before. The sweet potato wedges were lush, some of the best I've ever had- and that's a statement!
I love falafel's, and let me tell you- Wild Food Cafe do it SOOO well! It was so tasty and would actually return just for that!

Have you ever been to the 'Wild Food Cafe'? Where would you recommend next time?

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Love Claudia xxx