Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Summer Ice Lolly| Healthy way to keep cool


I've been really enjoying the weather we've been having in the UK recently, it's been absolutely gorgeous with longer, sunnier days. However when you're at home and trying to keep cool the thing that I know I'm always craving is an ice lolly! Now, personally I try to be healthy most of the time and will try and take the healthier option over the unhealthy option. To be honest though when I'm at home I rarely have shop bought ice cream or ice lollies. That's when I crave them!

So a month or so ago I was strolling through TK Maxx and saw a ice lolly mould, picked it up and thought I could make a variety of different lollies and potentially even make a cheeky alcoholic one for cheat days or for when I have friends over. So.. This this is an idea that I thought would be great to share with you guys and I hope you enjoy this recipe!


Ice Lolly Moulds
200g Melon and Grapes (more or less if you like)
200mls Coconut Water
2 Table Spoons Honey (for a sweeter taste)


I found that I had a small amount left over so if you have more moulds you can probably fill another one more, butI ended up drinking mine! Whoops!

So once you have weighed and measured out what you need, pop them in a blender all together and blend. Check the consistency and taste if you want to to add more fruit/coconut water/honey otherwise pour them into the moulds and place them in the freezer. To add a bit of fun to the lollies I added a couple grapes into the moulds, which turned out the be a great idea, I love frozen grapes!

Mine took more than a couple of hours to freeze so I ended up having them the next day- I would recommend doing this especially if you are putting a bit of alcohol in!

Hope this inspires you a bit this summer, this is so easy to mix up with different fruits so you can have endless fun making different flavours. :)
These were so refreshing and really tasty!

Love C. xx

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A little close for comfort in this pic but hey! haha