Saturday, 7 November 2015

Fireworks| Perfect Until..

This isn't a post I'd normally do but I thought it was something I can share you all on a more personal level rather than just always talking about beauty or style etc. Just like a conversation between two friends..
This was me on fireworks night, all snuggled in my big fluffy coat, makeup on (as I don't always get a chance to play with makeup due to work) and a plan to see the fireworks without going into town and trying to find somewhere to park and be constantly surrounded by people (it can get so busy!)
We (Ash and I) had the plan of watching the fireworks which were going to be on a boat at Poole quay, but instead of going to the front we went round the side, where some other docks were. 
We thought we'd make sausage sandwiches and bring snacks and coffee in a flask to sit and watch the fireworks on a blanket (to me this sounded an absolute delight!). 

So we packed up a cool bag with the food in and made our way down to the spot we had planned. There were barely anyone there which was great! So we sat down on the blanket with a great view and started our snacking!
We finished our food and cuddled up to keep warm. The boat was just about ready to start the fireworks. 
After about a minute of the display starting, I saw something move right by my feet. All I could see was this grey body and a tail. A rat! It had probably been there under a little crate the whole time but now it was running around near my feet. 
I can safely say both Ash and I jumped up and packed the rest of our food away quickly! So instead of being dazzled by amazing fireworks (which from what I could see were very beautiful) we were keeping a very close eye on our new friend that had joined us hiding under the crate! 

Well that's one way to ruin your fireworks night! 
Has anything like this happened to you before?
Hope you enjoyed this little chat!
Speak soon!
Love Claudia x

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