Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dear Coffee Lovers..| Pact Coffee

I drink coffee pretty much every day and I love to have the flavoured ones too, when I'm in the mood. Recently I've discovered 'Pact'. They are a smaller company that provide fresh roasted coffee, and when I say fresh I mean it is roasted in small batches, ground at the last moment and then shipped within 7 days!! To me, that is pretty fresh!

I received the 'Poached pear and dark chocolate' coffee after completing a mini quiz asking about the way in which I prefer my coffee. I found this coffee very easy to drink (the whole cafetiere was nearly gone in 10 minutes-opps!) and the dark chocolate is a delightful after-taste. 
I am pleasantly surprised as to a) the size of the coffee package and b) the fact that the packaging meant that it could just be posted through the letterbox- no chasing the Postman!

There are 6 different flavours to try and I'm really excited to try the 'bread and butter pudding with vanilla custard' coffee.

If you would like to try a bag you can for only £1! (Normally £6.95)
You can do this by typing 'pureaccidentalbeauty' into voucher/code on the website.
Or follow this link: Try Pact coffee for £1

Let me know what you think?

Love Claudia xx

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