Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Advent Calenders| Week 3

Hello all!

I do hope you are feeling festive especially as we are only 4 days away from Christmas! Wow, this month has flown by!
As usual, I wanted to show you what I received in my beauty calenders for those of you who want to know what you get and if they are worth the hype and money. *Little disclaimer, this is by no means me showing off, just wanted to share*

So if you have been looking at my blog for the past few weeks you will know that I have been putting up weekly what I have opened from my 'Benefit' and 'YouBeauty' calender. I'm also going to let you know a few things I have been loving- so... lets get to it!

Firstly, here is what was behind those doors...(Is it just me or is there just something satisfying about pulling back those doors on the calender-only when they don't rip of course!)

I've been really impressed with, not only the 'benetint' and 'posietint' from last weeks opening (blog post on this earlier this week), but I've been super impressed with the They're real mascara, it not only gives volume but gives a lusheous amount of length too! I'm super excited to use this with the Lash curlers from the 'YouBeauty' calender, and luckily enough was in need of a replacement for my old ones!
 'Highbeam' and 'Watts up' highlighters are something I've been dying to try out for months but have never got round to buying, I am so glad I got these in minitures to test out because they are both gorgeous. I've been using the 'highbeam' on my brow bone (BEAUTIFUL) and the 'Watt's up' on the tops of my cheekbones and down my nose. I love them both for the different areas on my face and I can safely say I cannot choose between them.

By clicking on the links you can get a better understanding of the product, I had never heard of John Masters organics before but from what I have read I am super excited to use this and see if I see a difference in my hair.
From last weeks openings I've been really enjoying the Glamglow face mask, it smells spa-like and leaves my skin feeling utterly soft. At the same time whilst relaxing in the bath I've been using the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and I think my hair is noticeably stronger with added shine. I definitely think I will be re-purchasing these products.

Reverting back to this weeks openings, I am super excited to try out the James Read sleep mask tan. I can be quite lazy when it comes to tanning, there is a lot in the process and sometimes.. I just can't be bothered. This seems like such an easy way to tan, it is a clear gel (which, to me is a lot less intimidating) and you can put it on, go to sleep and va-wa-la, wake up looking like a bronze goddess (hopefully). 

Have you had your Christmas party yet? Are there any winter must-haves you are loving at the moment?

Love Claudia xx

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