Sunday, 2 August 2015

Highlight on Fleek!| Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill

Okay, so firstly may I just say that when this arrived in the post I was so excited- that I was welling up. My eyes became damp at the excitement of opening the parcel to find this beauty of a product, created by a beauty of a woman.. Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector by Jaclyn Hill in collaboration with Sephora.

If you do not know about Jaclyn Hill please check out a few of her videos Here!

She is a bubbly, fun and genuine lady who has a passion for makeup and I adore watching her videos. She makes you laugh and you really learn a thing or two!

I never really thought highlight brought much to a makeup look until I saw Jaclyn's videos, honestly it brightens and changes the look completely!

So without further a due, here is my review (although you probably know what I'm going to say) on Champagne Pop!

To start with the packaging is so so so beautiful, the gold reflective box is so classy and having her picture and her words of wisdom on the back add a little personal touch of Jaclyn too.

Champagne pop is a beautiful gold highlight with a pink undertone. It adds dimension, lifts your face and brings a beautiful glow.. I cannot say how beautiful this highlight is... just look at it, it is so pigmented. You only need a little of this, which I love because you know this product will last as well.

This product is limited edition, I managed to get mine off Ebay from a Uk seller so that I didn't have to pay oversea charges (I know, cheapskate..but hey whatcha gunna do?)

The best thing about this highlight is that it is designed to work with every single skin tone! Amazing! I personally apply it to the places I want people to notice, so for example my cheekbones, cupids bow, under my brow bone etc, and honestly it has changed me. *Puts hands together and praises Jaclyn and Sephora for having a baby this good*

For more tips on how to wear this you can watch this video and see how Jaclyn uses it.

See ya soon!

Love C. xx

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This photo does not do it justice, check out the videos online because this is worth the investment! xx