Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lancôme Gel Éclat Clarifying Cleanser| Review

I wanted to do a short post on something I've been loving that I rediscovered on my birthday. This Lancôme cleanser!

My skin is combination, I get dry patches usually around the outside of my face and my T-zone gets oily. I find this cleanser is so smooth and easy to work into your skin, although when you first squeeze some into your hand you may think it is thick and sticky- but it's not! The pearly white gel sells for around £23 but it can vary from where you buy this. Although it is deemed as quite expensive- you don't need a lot of it to go a long way. 

The cleanser is targeted to normal to combination skin and has a fresh light floral scent to it, which is something  I would normally avoid because my skin can be so sensitive, but alas I am yet to get a bad reaction! The cleanser contains White Lotus, Rose de France and Japanese Cedar bud, all of which were all derived naturally.

Lancôme suggests using this twice a day but so far I've been using it once, just because of pure laziness I guess, and sometimes I like to alternate between the Origins face scrub in the mornings. 

I would honestly recommend giving this a go if you're looking for a new cleanser, or at least see if there is a sample at your nearest shop that sells this.
Let me know your thoughts on this cleanser or if you pick up a sample, let me know how you got on!

Love C. xx

You can find the product HERE

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