Sunday, 23 August 2015

Anastasia Beverley Hills| Liquid Lipgloss

Hey Ya'll!

I've been browsing the internet, in the hopes finding a lipgloss that I like. I mean, I like lip glosses but it takes more than just a bit of shine to interest me in them. I'll be honest I'm more of a matte lip kind of girl. BUT I was more than intrigued in these lip glosses, I've heard many good things and I wanted to really put the gloss to the test.
I chose a dark reddish plum colour, I like a bold lip and decided that if I was going to go for it, why not go for it hard.


How did that little blonde hair get there! Whoops..

This Lipgloss can be found on Amazon ranging in price from £25.00-£29.99 - click this link to view on their website.

I've been really impressed with this, the colour pay-off is amazing, the way it applies just glide on. The texture on the lips is a little tacky but not sticky or gloopy which is great.
I personally would like to grow a collection in these lip glosses as they are just what I am looking for. I am also totally in love with their liquid lipsticks (a blog post will be coming at some point for this too) as they are beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I'll see you soon!

Love C xx

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