Monday, 21 December 2015

Long natural lashes| The Best Way

I have forever longed to have long lashes.  No matter what I did nothing worked, whether it be putting Vasoline on them overnight, or trying to curl them before putting on the mascara. And from that point of view, I have tried plenty of mascaras – high-end and drugstore brands, and yes I have found the better mascaras but my lashes were still pretty short and actually had gaps in them  from where hair was missing.

The last year is when I decided to try some of these lash enhancing serums and conditioners. I am not one to spend too much on these things as I'm always quite sceptical of the results, I don't want to end up spending hundreds of pounds on something that doesn't even work. I started looking on Amazon and looked for the well-known brand Revita lash. But from looking at the prices I was put off and didn't think that they would actually work, so settled for a copycat brand. This copy Brand claimed to do the exact same thing as the Revita lash. After a few months with using it, I gave up. I could not see any difference at all.
For a couple months after that I stopped looking after my lashes, and after being fed up again decided to get semipermanent lashes individually glued on by professionals. I booked in with a very nice salon to put the semipermanent lashes on for £65, and proceeded to tell me that infills would cost me £30 a go. When I opened my eyes after being sat there for an hour at least it immediately felt like there was something scratching my eye. Not that it was the fault of the girl who did it, it was just the way the eyelashes were on my eyes. It took me a good half an hour before I could get into my car and drive home -as I didn't feel safe until it was comfortable.
The next couple weeks I hated the fact that I could not rub my eyes when I was tired or rub my eyes when I had something in them. The thought of putting make up on my eyes was horrible because I knew I'd have to get it off and therefore risk pulling the false eyelashes which in turn pulled my own lashes and actually pulled them out. I was very careful with them but I still managed to lose a lot of eyelashes once the fake ones had come off. 
I had actually made it worse. And I wasn't willing to have the fake eyelashes again. So I decided as a last effort to make my eyelashes nice and long and full again, I would take the plunge and just get the Revita lash conditioning serum and while I was at it get the Revita brow too. 

I have been using it for around 2 to 3 weeks, and I have never seen my eyelashes this long, full and curly. And that is the honest truth! I was honestly so surprised, I did not think it would work this quickly or that other people would actually notice. I didn't tell the lady who does my eyebrows yet that almost the first thing she said to me was have I changed my eyebrow routine?

Revita lash and Revita brow is worth the money in my opinion and I will be purchasing it again. 

Love Claudia X
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