Saturday, 5 December 2015

Lush lush lush

As you know, lush is my weakness! There is nothing better for me, than to come home and use a bath bomb and relax into some sweet smelling soapy suds. 

I just wanted to share my recent favourites with you- ones that really made a difference to the cold windy evenings we've been having!

I finally got round to using this bad boy the other day- frozen bath bomb. Okay it doesn't look like much but when you pop it in the water, the smell and fizz just fill me full of excitement. With little specks of subtle glitter and a beautiful blue colour you can't be too disappointed with this bad boy! Especially if you love frozen the movie!
I do personally prefer a bit more bubbles but you can always mix a bubble bar with this to create more bubbles/ coverage! Haha 

Obviously got too excited to remember I was meant to be photographing this! Haha
I'm missing one more little red berry? Don't know where that went!

You could easily be put off by how much glitter there is on this one, but having had one myself, and my boyfriend has used this too- nor myself or him has had ridiculous amounts of glitter on us! Which is good because I reassured him it would be fine (not actually knowing of course!)
This one is a bubble bar which means you can use it more than once- by just breaking a piece off and running it under the tap. 
Anyway, as you can see it isn't too much to look at in the bath, some people may be put off by the fact it's a green bath. I'm not usually put off by colours for baths as long as they smell nice and don't look horrendous! Lol
I was pleasantly surprised by this one and was very happy with the amount of bubbles!
Love Claudia 

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