Sunday, 3 May 2015

Lush| Green Bubbleroon

I normally go for things like 'The Comforter' or sweet smelling things from Lush when I have my baths, but this is something different.

I went into the shop looking for something I hadn't heard of before, something that was moisturising for the body but with bubbles.
I was recommended to try this.. 'Green Bubbleroon'. It smells forest-like and fresh! It has shea butter in which helps moisturise the skin and has some other great things in which creates bubbles too. I actually really like this as an alternative. It produces bubbles very quickly and I could feel how soft if was in my hands from just running it under the tap.

The great thing about this product (and with the majority of lush products) you can get more than one use out of this. I broke mine in half and even the half I did use, I didn't need a lot.

I would highly recommend giving this one a try!
Happy Sunday!

Love C. xx

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