Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Clinique Moisture Surge | extended thirst relief

Okay, okay, okay so I may be late to the party on this moisturiser, but I can safely say I am in LOVE!

 I have been using this pot since June and it has lasted me so well (hence why there is only a teeny bit left), especially as it is on the more pricier side of your everyday moisturiser. But, nonetheless I think it is so worth it and I will be purchasing this again!

On my sensitive skin it feels like the Gods have come down and soothed away any dry imperfections on my face (including small areas of eczema) without irritation or redness! The consistency is an oil-free gel rather than a cream and when applied to the face it feels cool and refreshing.

I am, by no means a girl who puts a lot of effort into my skin routine, however, I do find in the winter months that my skin feels extra dry and that maybe my skin needs to quench it's thirst. This moisturiser, in my opinion does it so well and sinks in pretty quick too!

The thing I really love about this product is that it is multifunctional. Not only can you use this as a moisturiser, before or on top of make-up (yes, I did say on top!), it can also be used as a 5 minute mask. Just apply, and blot off the excess afterwards. AMAZING!

What is your favourite moisturiser? What do you think of the Clinique Moisture Surge?

Love Claudia X